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George Rodriguez
Madison, NJ

Program Chair

James M. Weatherall
Los Angeles, CA


Guy Penard
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Karin Bartels
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Assistant Treasurer

Charles Brumlik
Branchburg, NJ



Neil Burns
Freehold, NJ


Chris Cerimele
Chicago, IL


David J. Deutsch
Brooklyn, NY


Rhoda Kriesel
Montclair, NJ


Brian Orkin
Atlanta, GA


Paul Pospisil
New York, NY

Student Associate Directors


David Ferber

Columbia University


Laura Poloni



Anne Powers



Debra Rooker



Xiao Zhong



Jianhui Zhu

NYU Poly


















































































































































  • 1 Get Your Table: December 4 - Yale Club
  • 1Achievement: A. Liveris (Dow)
  • 1 Innovation: Dr. T. Connelly (DuPont)
  • 1 PE: T. Kichler (OEP/JP Morgan Chase)
  • 1 Sharpen your Strategy
  • 1 Where Technology & Investment Meet
  • 1 Pioneering
  • 1 Cutting-edge
  • 1 Authoritative - Timely
  • 1 Stimulating
  • 1 Insightful
  • 1 Global Networking
  • 1 Help Create the Future
  • 1 Progress = STEM Edu
  • 1 Become a STEM Sponsor
  • 1 ACS – Est. 1876
  • 1 Largest Scientific Society
  • 1 Over 160,000 Members

60 Years of Service, Innovation and Achievement
The December 4 ACS CM&E Leadership Awards Celebrates Today's Leaders and Enables Those of Tomorrow


2014 Leadership Awards - Reserve Your Table

Salute three industry icons while supporting our STEM fundraiser. On December 4, 2014, CM&E will celebrate its 60 years of service at its ACS NY CM&E Awards for Leadership in the Yale Club. The honorees this year for Lifetime Achievement, Extraordinary Innovation and Distinction in Private Equity are:

From left: Andrew Liveris, President, CEO and Chairman, Dow Chemical; Dr. Thomas Connelly, Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, DuPont; and Thomas Kichler, Managing Director, One Equity Partners (JP Morgan Chase).

In 2013 the Leadership Awards honored the CEO of Odebrecht S.A. and Chairman of Braskem, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Huntsman Corporation, and the Co-Presidents at Huntsman-Lion Capital.

From left: Fernando Musa (accepting for Marcelo Odebrecht), David De Leeuw, Jon Huntsman and Peter De Leeuw.

From left: George Rodriguez, Lifetime Achievement Honoree Jon Huntsman, his granddaughter Kate and son Paul.

The 2013 Keynote Speaker was Rajiv Gupta, Senior Advisor at New Mountain Capital and former Chairman and CEO of Rohm & Haas. To view the Awards video with the keynote talk "Chemical Industry--Are we Ready for the Next 50 Years?," click on the icon below.


2015 First Round-The-World Solar Impulse Flight.

On July 12, 2013, CM&E and ACS celebrated the completion of the First Solar Impulse Flight Across America by co-organizing with Solvay the Sustainability Sym5osium at the JFK Airport in New York. The Founders of Solar Impulse have announced that 2015 will mark the circumnavigation of the Earth in a flying machine without one drop of fuel underscoring the amazing power of STEM education and the human passion for excellence.

Attend CM&E luncheons, sharpen cross-sector strategies and keep up with the best practices in innovation, sustainability and productivity. Watch webcasts at your convenience. Tell us about topics, speakers and how to serve you better.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


George Rodriguez
CM&E Chair and Board Member fo the American Chemical Society’s New York Section. Email: Contact CM&E Chair

The 2012 ACS NY CM&E Leadership Awards won the prestigious American Chemical Society ChemLuminary Award for Global Engagement.


Chemical Marketing & Economics Group

Established in 1954, Chemical Marketing & Economics (CM&E) is the investment and technology group of the illustrious American Chemical Society’s (ACS) New York Section founded in 1891.

CM&E serves its global networks and STEM education by organizing exciting monthly luncheons and webcasts in midtown NYC where thought leaders present cutting-edge outlooks and actionable insights on energy, materials & life science.

CM&E's audience includes professionals from industry, investment, academia, media and supranational organizations.

American Chemical Society

ACS, founded in Manhattan in 1876 and chartered by the U.S. Congress, is the world's largest scientific society with over 160,000 members and the premier global home for chemists, chemical engineers and related professions.

ACS is a leader in global stewardship of Earth’s resources publishing 44 scientific journals and administering a registry of 88 million inorganic and organic substances.


Chemistry: Harnessing Our Curiosity For Life

Chemistry is the central science that studies the transformation of matter in the universe in any state – solid, liquid, gas or plasma – to improve the lives of people and advance civilization.

The population expansion from 1 billion in 1800 to 7 billion today has been possible because of the endless curiosity and ingenuity to solve the colossal needs for water, food, construction, energy, health care, waste relief, communications and transportation.

At the core of STEM education, chemistry is enabling solutions to keep up with the demands of humanity while maintaining peace, enhancing quality of life and exploring the edge of the universe.



September 10, 2014 - Evonik: Capturing Growth in Specialty Chemicals

Speaker: John Rolando, President of Evonik North America

Abstract: How are Evonikʼs specialty chemicals products and technologies addressing some of humanityʼs most critical issues? What Evonik core chemistries are expanding around the world? What markets are being targeted in North America?

Essen, Germany-based Evonik Industries AG is one of the worldʼs leading specialty chemicals companies. Around 80 percent of sales come from market-leading positions. Evonik concentrates on health, nutrition, resource efficiency and globalization. With more than €12.5 billion in sales in 2012, Evonik is in the midst of an ambitious €6 billion investment program focused to grow its specialty chemicals businesses around the world.

Join us on September 10 to hear the insights of Mr. Rolando. 


October 2, 2014 - Huntsman: Transforming the World of Advanced Materials

Speaker: James Huntsman, President of Huntsman Advanced Materials

Abstract: What propels the business of advanced materials? Why is global functional alignment critical to competitiveness? What is the future of advanced material solutions? With annual sales over $1.3 billion in epoxy and polyurethane-based polymer products, the Huntsman Advanced Materials Division is committed to increasing the alignment of global resources with attractive higher-growth markets in aerospace, adhesives, high-performance coatings, power generation, green electronics and large-scale engineering projects. Join us on October 2 to hear the unique vision and insights of James Huntsman on the fascinating world of light, durable and highly efficient materials.



May 1, 2014 - Brazil vs Pacific Alliance: Latin America's Match of the Decade

With a combined population and GDP similar to that of Brazil, the fastest growing economies in the region—Mexico, Peru, Chile and Colombia—have formed the Pacific Alliance, a dynamic trade block poised to surpass the economy of Brazil by 30% in 2025.

Panelist: Robert Wood
Latin America Deputy Director
The Economist Intelligence Unit



Panelist: John Salerno
Partner, Head of the Latin American Tax Group (LATAX)

Moderator: George Rodriguez, Chair of CM&E and Board Member American Chemical Society's New York Section. Abstract: Will the Pacific Alliance overtake Brazil in the world economy? What is the outlook for USA’s closest growth markets and key sources of energy strategic materials and agriculture?

January 8, 2014 - Economic Outlook

Speaker: Dr. Kevin Swift, Chief Economist of the American Chemistry Council (ACC). Click on the title of the event to get the presentation on the great manufacturing future for the USA. Join our LinkedIn Group to get links to event articles.  


July 12, 2013 - Sustainability Symposium at JFK. Solar Impulse: An Energy Revolution!

The Symposium was organized by Solvay in association with CM&E and ACS. Solar Impulse is the first solar-powered aircraft to fly across America day and night without any fuel. This amazing machine of 63 meters (208 ft) in wingspan that weighs only 1600 kg (3520 lb) is a marvel of engineering, chemistry, physics, and most importantly, the human passion for perseverance and making the impossible dreams come true.

Picture above, from left: Andre Borschberg, Solar Impulse CEO and co-Founder, Jean-Pierre Clamadieu , CEO of Solvay, and Bertrand Piccard, co-Founder, SI Pilot and the first Balloonist to circumnavigate the Earth. The SI pilots expect to conduct the next Round-The-World Solar Flight with the latest generation of Solar Impulse in the year 2015.

These icons of the energy revolution were recognized by the CM&E group of the ACS New York Section at the sustainability symposium which featured eminent researchers on materials science, organic electronics, polymer synthesis, biomedical materials, colloids, artificial photosynthesis, self-assembly, hydrogels and soft matter. Click on the title for the flier.

Scholars embody CM&E's mission: inform, network, engage the public and advance STEM education

STEM Education is Key to Peace and Prosperity

Since the time of Christ our life expectancy has more than tripled, the speed of transportation has increased one thousand fold, a new continent became part of the mappa mundi and birds are no longer the only masters of flight.

Humans have found ingenious ways to reach other planets, alert about weather threats and talk with virtually anyone anywhere on Earth. Today the common man can do things and enjoy life beyond the dreams of our ancestors.

When wisely combined with business, art and the humanities, technological innovation has been by far the primary driver of economic growth, democracy, peace and security.

However, the share of science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) students has been declining in the USA. Compared to 46% in China, only 5% of USA high school graduates become STEM professionals.

You can help. Please sponsor CM&E events. You will not just strengthen your brand equity but also help support outstanding scholars, the development of tools for teachers and the advancement of STEM programs which are fundamental pillars for a brighter future. See Science Education