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Event Pictures
Investing in Latin America – Aureole Restaurant - May 5, 2011

Daniel  Gamba

Managing Director and Regional Head of Latin America and Iberia at BlackRock

Ted  Helms

Executive Manager of Investor Relations, Petrobras. 

George Rodriguez

Director at Argeni, Chair of the CM&E Group and Board Member of  the American Chemical Society’s NY Section.

 Stimulating networking inspired by the spirit of Brazil ;

Neil Burns, CM&E Director, showing one of the Sagatiba cachaca  bottles that were raffled after lunch

“Someone took my mojito.” Ernest Gilmont, Adjunct Professor at Wharton-UPenn with Anne O’Brien, Director, ACS New York

John Moncure,
Director, Latin America,
Financial Times

Benjamin Hogan, Partner, ACRES

Exciting Atmosphere Full of Epicurean Delights


Beatriz Diaz, Strategy, Latin America, BlackRock

Karin  Bartels, Managing Director,  Ipintech with Joe Pilaro, President of BRAE Partners

Roberto Azevedo, Executive Director, Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce

Ruben Rondinelli, Commercial & Economic Attaché, Embassy of Peru, United Nations

Terry McMahon of McMahon Technologies

James Weatherall, CM&E Program Chair and Principal at Weatherall Group

Speakers: Daniel Gamba, BlackRock; George Rodriguez, Argeni, and Ted Helms, Petrobras

Joe Pilaro, President, BRAE  Partners, and Fred Siemer, CM&E Treasurer and Principal at Siemer Management